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Speed optimization of WordPress website with GTmetrix , Google page speed

    We will optimize

    your wordpress website loading speed and performance

    Loading Time under <4sec ~

    Achieving a loading time under 4 seconds is a key performance indicator in web development, signifying a commitment to delivering a fast and efficient user experience. This metric is crucial for retaining user engagement and optimizing website accessibility.

    Minify HTML/JS/CSS

    This optimization is achieved by removing unnecessary characters such as white spaces, comments, and line breaks from the code. The primary goal is to reduce the file sizes of HTML, JS, and CSS files, which results in faster loading times for web pages.

    Powerful Minify CSS

    Powerful minification tools streamline CSS files by removing unnecessary whitespace, comments, and redundant code, resulting in a more concise and efficient stylesheet.

    100 % satisfaction with an 24/7 quick response.

    Speed up WordPress Website

    We will do speed optimization of WordPress websites and increase page speed with google page speed insights and Gtmetrix.

    In 2023, Fast loading page speed gets a Higher Ranking on Google search engine and increases sales. I have done 1700 above WordPress speed optimization you can check positive reviews of buyers on my profile.

    Benefits of Fast Loading Website

    We all know that Google loves Fast and Optimized website to rank

    Better User Experience

    High Google Ranking

    Improve Conversion Rate

    Lower Bounce Rate

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    Hosting (server) issues cannot be solved from my side as only the hosting support have access to it. Only hosting support can fix them. · Some themes do not support optimization features like JS/CSS minification etc. So, the final report and results can vary because of that.

    We have 6+ years of experience in WordPress development and speed optimization. I can optimize your site speed by database optimization, Image Optimization, leverage browsing cache, enabling gzip compression, Eliminate render-blocking JS, Minify HTML/CSS/JS and CSS in above-the-fold content.

    You can check your website page speed using Gtmetrix, Pingdom or Google Page Speed Insights.

    We work based on GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights as they give the most accurate real-time results. I’ll give you the before and after reports of GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights after work.

    We need WordPress Administrator login info and Hosting or FTP Login info (Hosting or FTP login requirement is optional, doesn’t require every time). But its recommended if you provide hosting credentials as well for better control on website to optimize it.

    Absolutely Not. My optimizations will not affect your website functionalities or looks. I take care of all the functionality and provide you enough time to test everything so you are secure with me.

    Yes. Many people don’t know about this and don’t pay attention to website speed but Google has been shown to reward websites with faster load times with a higher positioning on SERPs. Speed is one of the primary Ranking criteria in Google Algo. Moreover, faster site results in good user experience.

    The website speed depends on many factors like hosting/server/theme/plugins etc. So the final results may vary if the server is not that much good or the theme conflicts with the optimization. You can’t expect the site to perform best with a poor server configurations.

    Yes, I will fix common problems on your WordPress website for free.

    No, we work safely, website design, its functionalities, images quality will remain same. Nothing will be deleted or changed. More we always make full website backup before we start any thing on the website.

    Yes! But your ads will be delayed for some time to achieve better grade. Sites that use EZOIC can’t be optimized.


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